Protein-DNA Crosslinks

Joe Mack mack at
Thu Mar 30 15:41:34 EST 1995

In article <s-ness-3003951347240001 at> s-ness at (Scott A. Ness) writes:
>Anyone know of an efficient method or reagent (other than UV) light to
>cross-link proteins (in a nuclear extract or even intact nuclei) to DNA?

	Well I know you said "not UV" but do you know about the UV laser
way of linking protein to DNA. You use a short pulse, you don't fry the
protein and you get good linking. There's a guy "Buc" (sp?) in france
doing it, another guy in England and Peter von Hipple (out in Oregon?) doing
it. I'll admit it not just something you do in your lab once and forget
it, you'll have to go to their labs, but it's a lot better than UV.

	Joe Mack mack at

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