CNBr -Sepharose 4B

Lauge Schaffer lsc at
Wed May 3 09:13:54 EST 1995

Why should urea or Gu interfere with your immobilization?
Neither contains "real" amino groups, i.e. amino groups which 
would block CNBr activated Sepharose.

Lauge Schaffer

<Unknown> (anonymous) wrote:
> I am looking for some help in coupling a poorly soluble protein to CNBr- 
> activated Sepharose 4B.    We want to affinity purify some antibodies, but
> the antigen (a recombinant protein) is only soluble in guanidine HCl  or
> urea.   When diluted at least 20 fold with phosphate, the protein remains in 
> solution, but at these concentrations the coupling efficiency will be very low.
> I was wondering if anyone has any experience of coupling a protein as a
> slurry, perhaps in the presence of a non-ionic detergent.   Alternatively,
> is there an affinity matrix which is compatable with solvents containing
> amino groups.
> Thanks in advance
> Pete Jenner
> Dept of  Mycobacterial Res.
> London
> UK.

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