Comment to S.Blocklehurst (Re: Well, ...)

Wed May 3 16:04:24 EST 1995

I think that John was correct making such comments about work
of G.Rose. This was not a claim that folding is really solved,
but rather comment about his personal impression from Rose's work.
Imagine: already half a year we hear something about this
intriguing work, but any description of the algorithm is still
absent.. Rose's result is principal for the large area of biocomputing
problems, and too many people are waiting for a paper or
at least for personal comments from lucky visitors of the
rare Rose's presentations.
As far I know, John commented his impression immediately after
presentation of G.Rose results on some sort of seminar at NIH.
What is wrong with that? And for me this is interesting because
I would like to know (in absense of any possibility to visit
such a seminar in other part of US) how different people become
convinced in the efficacy of this algorithm.. Of course, this is
only while I'm waiting for publication/description.
And John's comment shows something, isn't it?

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