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Thu May 4 17:33:29 EST 1995

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> I agree with John that details should wait until the paper is published, which
> will be June or July in Proteins.  I will say that the approach they're using
> is a build-up procedure using Monte Carlo and a simplified potential function.
> I was very impressed with what Rose showed and personally feel that John's
> estimate of ten years is too conservative.  

ahh... Sounds kinda interesting.
I saw some people doing this 3 years ago with a very complicated
energy function, (some kind of ab initio) Of course it did not work.

Anyone remember who that can have been ? I have a vague memore that
they were european (german ?)

So what else (besides the build up procedure) is new in Rose's stuff. 
compared to their 1994 work ? Same pot-fkn ? I guess they tried it on 
something bigger than a helix ?


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