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Well spoken David.

I have never heard about D.Rose's work either. And anything
that is given to me in second hand is just to disregard. 
There are so many ways to cheat in this business, or atleast
overinterpretting the data.

To be quite frank even most first hand impressions from seminars
can be very missleading. You have really to read the papers to
see what people are doing.

Every meeting I go to there is one or a couple posters that claims
that they have solved the protein folding problem. Usually are these
posters filled with some theoretical-computer-science-ai-crap. And then
one table of data to show how close they can predict structures.

Sometimes there is a small email adress at the bottom trying to sell you
a program also. Well I guess we are not enough people out there that
know that most of this is crap.


PS. I know what thew question is, so if you know the answer 42, we should be happy.
    My question is to given any sequence build a model to within 1.0 A from a crustal
    structure. (At the moment I would be happu with 1.5 or even 2. (-: )

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