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David Pollock bro at CHARLES.STANFORD.EDU
Thu May 4 13:55:36 EST 1995

John Kuszewski (johnk at wrote:
> I will not discuss the details of the work I heard about,

> David Jones wrote:
> ... it's a shame that the nearest thing
>to a half-decent scientific discussion in molbio.proteins in a year
>got squelched so quickly...

Have to agree with Jones.  I*d love to hear more of what y*all out
there have heard (at public meetings) of what*s going on at the
edge of the *folding problem* and what you think of it.  What*s the
point of the net if those of us who missed the seminar can*t hear
about it?  It would make a good discussion to continue, even if 
Kuszewski has had his say.

David Pollock

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