GD Rose: packing <--> folding

Louis Hom lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri May 5 18:56:29 EST 1995

What a great discussion -- it even convinced me to look up some of Rose's
papers (it's not my native field).
	So I was reading his '91 PNAS paper where he looks at the amount of
interaction between pairs of residues and between pairs and the rest of the
protein.  And what I _thought_ I was supposed to get from the data was that
the proteins didn't seem to use any particular set of residues to attain a
high level of packing across the board, that instead different proteins use
different amino acids to get the packing right.
	But what he seems to say that his paper says is that "efficient
packing is readily attained among clusters of the naturally occurring
hydrophobic amino acid residues," which is supposed to be a surprising
conclusion.  This doesn't seem like a significant statement to me.  What
deeper meaning am I missing?  
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