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kpmurphy at (murphy kenneth p) writes:

>I will say that the approach they're using is a build-up procedure 
> using Monte Carlo and a simplified potential function.
>To the extent that Rose and co-workers "solve" the folding problem it 
>will tell us what the native structure will be given the sequence.

  It certainly will be interesting to see how generally the approach
works.  I only hope there aren't any fudge-factors tacked onto the
end of a seemingly sensible potential function which means the approach
will work great for limited classes of proteins, but leave little
hope for any sensible wider future application of the method (this has 
been known to happen before).  It will also be intriguing to see how close 
to the native state they can get by using a "simple" potential function.  If 
they do better than an rms error of 2 Angstroms for real tertiary 
structure using such a function, they will really be doing exceptionally well.
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