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Evan W. Steeg steeg at
Sat May 6 14:02:49 EST 1995

In article <95May5.113147edt.824 at>,
I wrote:
>  You people are terrible teases!  Is somebody going to post
>something -- anything -- on the algorithm, results, perhaps
>a reference to closely-related work?
>  Pretty-please?
>   -- Evan "Haven't felt like this since my Dad's car broke 
>      down and we were two days late on our way to DisneyLand" Steeg

  After receiving three very patronizing e-mails chiding me for
my posting (shown above), I thought I should "apologize" for
the post.  Apparently a very short post featuring an attempt
at humor and failing to hide a graduate student's enthusiasm
and intellectual curiosity over a purportedly huge new result,
is somehow beyond the bounds of acceptable net.discourse.  
Please excuse me.


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