Immunoaffinity subtraction

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My vote: This will not work, since the antibody mix will not
be in proportion to the antigen mix since each antigen
will have a different level of antigenicity!
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In article <3ohia9$1q5 at>, dykim at (Dooyeon Kim) says:
>I have some ideas on the detection and purification of newly expressed
>Instead of using cDNA subtraction or 2D PAGE analysis, I will use immunosubt
>ractive methods. The princeple of this method is producing the polyclonal
>antibodies against whole protein mixture of tissue or cultured cell and select
>ing the antibodies against newly expressed protein by passing the antiserum
>against the protein(antigen) column of control tissue of cell line. After     o
>subtraction, the newly expressed protein will be easily purified by immuno
>precipitation and detected on SDS PAGE gels. Dose anybody advice me about this
>idea? Any Comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading
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