Weird SDS-PAGE... HELP!!

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Mon May 8 20:41:00 EST 1995

Joe Stains <JPS144 at> writes:

>Someone in my lab is running SDS-PAGE on a cell lysate.  However, when
>they run the gel, the sample lanes spread out (longitudinally), pushing
>the adjacent lanes out as well.  
Are the gels fresh, or were they poured and stored?.
If the gel pulls away from the substratum (be it glass, alumina, or
plastic), the samples can spread.  I've had problems using stored gels
where the running gel had a greater sucrose concentration than the stacking
gel (water moved from the stacking gel to the running gel).
Try a different apparatus as well.  It could be yours is mechanically
twisting the gel sandwich such that the gel is pulled away from the

Bubbles trapped between the bounding plates in the area below the gel can
also cause weird running behavior.
If your solutions are fine, and the problem is repeatable with different
samples, then a mechanical problem is the likely culprit.
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