Membrane preparations

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>Subject: Membrane preparations
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>Preparation of crude membrane fraction is used routinely in many 
>laboratories studying membrane proteins. The centrifugal force used to 
>sediment this crude particulate fraction which include the plasma 
>membranes vary from an investigator to the next. A rapid survey indicates 
>that it varies from 10,000g to 60,000g with 45,000g being used very 
>often. Is there any rationale for these differences? Could anybody 
>recommand a refference which would be useful to determine the appropriate 
>centrifugal force to use ?   

>Michel Bouvier ;Bouvier at

 Many investigators consider a protein to be soluble if it stays in solution 
after 100,000 X g for 1h.  We always make membranes by taking the pellet 
from a 100,000 X g spin (We use R avg = 100,000 ).

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