HIV Positive test proved FALSE!

Fri May 12 15:19:38 EST 1995

I would appreciate information in reference to the following:

When my wife discovered she was pregnant an AIDS test was part of her
preliminary testing. The preliminary test results revealed that she was
infected with the HIV virus. The stress alone, almost caused her to
lose the baby. I researched further and she was administered another,
more accurate test (I do not have the names of these tests). 

The results of the second and third test both proved NEGATIVE and we
were assured that my wife did not have AIDS, but that the original test
proved positive because of something that had to do with proteins.

I would appreciate any and all information relating to how this could
happen? And, is it possible that there are people who beleive they have
AIDS and yet, may not? It is a horrifing experience and I would
appreciate all replies.

Thank you in advance,

R. Shaffer
aai2 at

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