Western Blotting vs ELISA

Sucking Gippy hoekstra at unixg.ubc.ca
Fri May 12 12:00:29 EST 1995

Currently, I'm running a number of SDS-PAGE's, tranferring to 
nitrocellulose, and immunoblotting for protein of interest (stress 

I understand that western blotting gives more of a representation of 
proteins presence/non-presence and was wondering if investigators 
ROUTINELY run ELISA's to quantify (i.e. get a numerical value for 
comparison) the protein of interest, as compared to a control sample? 

In my mind, there is no doubt that the protein is present...are ELISA's 
necessary then in addition? or is something like using a densitometer to 
compare present bands sufficient?


PS: If anyone is personally researching stress proteins (ie HSP 70 etc.) 
I would appreciate your reply..

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