Antibodies/Peptides/Carrier Proteins

Rick Neubig RNeubig at
Tue May 16 08:17:35 EST 1995

There are many strategies to doing this. You can have peptides 
made on a large carrier (MAP) peptides for which you don't need 
to add a carrier protein later. Talk to your peptide synthesis 
facility about this.  
Keyhole limpet hemocyanin is often used as a carrier as it isn't present in 
mammalian systems so that you wouldn't get background staining 
(eg of albumin if you use BSA as carrier). 
Also, there are numerous companies that will actually make the 
peptide and do your immunizations for you. Having done them 
in our lab a number of years ago, I'd say that it is probably  
worth the $ to have someone else do them and just send you the  
serum. I don't have company names available but if you look 
in any recent science or Nature mag I think you'd find them. 
Good luck. 
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