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Wed May 17 07:37:58 EST 1995

Michael Breslav <breslav at> wrote:
> I'm interested in producing antibodies through the conjugation
>  of peptides to carrier proteins.  There are some questions which 
> come to mind like: what is the carrier protein of choice, is it
>  necessary to determine the number of peptide molecules coupled
>  to the carrier protein and how is this done, the linker compound
>  of choice and a good procedure for conjugating the peptide to the
>  protein.  I will be grateful for any advice you can give me in this
>  matter.  Thank you.
	A reference you might find helpful is Peptide Antigens 
A Practical Approach, edited by G. B. Wisdom, and published by IRL 
Press in 1994.  Chapter 4 by James Tam discusses all of the 
questions in which you are interested and gives a couple of protocols.
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