Seeking chemotaxis info

Hr Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at
Wed May 17 06:04:47 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues;

     Does anyone know whether the structure of the TarE protein, reputedly a
chemotactic receptor in E. coli which binds phenol (but whose physiological
ligand is said to be aspartate), has been elucidated?  Kindly send any rele-
vant citations to 

                       toukie at

     Also, does anyone have the current e-mail address and postal address of
Prof. Dr. Robert M. Macnab whose address, according to J. Bact. 169(1): 371
('89) was (is):
      Department of Moelcular Biophysics and Biochemistry
      Yale University
      New Haven, Connecticut  06511-8112
?  If so, kindly send it to me.

     Thanks in advance to all responders.

(Dr.) S. Shapiro
toukie at

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