Removal of SDS from protein

Stephen P. Driska PhD driska at
Fri May 19 17:59:29 EST 1995

	Electroeluting a protein from a gel, with a buffer containing SDS
will give you a solution with protein and SDS.  You can freeze dry this 
in a small tube, and then rinse/wash it a few times with 90% ethanol.  This 
gets SDS, coomassie-blue, dithiothreitol, and even tris buffer I think, out
of your protein.  

	Of course its dead, denatured, and spread all over the walls of your
tube in a film.   But that's the way you want it if your'e doing vapor phase 
HCl hydrolysis for amino acid analysis (PicoTag).  

	Maybe this is useful for what you're doing.... Good Luck

			Steve Driska

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