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Wed May 24 12:43:50 EST 1995

Hi Francesca! I used Lubrol PX for some years (for potassium channel solubilisation)
until Sigma stopped selling it. Eventually, I found that Boehringer Mannheim
sell exactly the same detergent, except that they call it Thesit. In fact this
is actually better because it has been purified to remove oxidising impurities
(e.g. peroxides) which can be a problem with some proteins.
Hope this helps!
Dave Parcej
Biochemistry Dept.
Imperial College London
d.parcej at

In article <3psekr$77p at> peracchia at (Francesca Peracchia) writes:
>I am working on metalloprotease activty and expression on endothelial
>cells. I need to use Lubrol-PX as detergent for metalloprotease
>membrane extraction
>Does anybody know wich is the Company producing and distibuting this
>Alternatively, does someone know a different approach to obtain the
>same results, for example, using others detergents having the same
>Thank you.
>peracchia at

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