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Mon May 29 11:04:53 EST 1995

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Danny Chamovitz <chamo> writes:
>Does anyone have any trick for getting rid of lipids from a total protein
>extract? I'm purifying proteins from plant extracts and the lipids  really gunk
>up the ion-exchange clomns that i use in the first two steps of the
>purification.  So far my only recourse has been to wash the columns alot with
>NaOH, and to pour new ones often, but this is rather expensive (and a pain).
>I'm looking for any method that would work for either a small scale (0.5 ml
>sample) or large scale (1l)protein prep.
>Daniel Chamovitz
>chamo at

Ammonium Sulphate precipitation, filtering through filter paper,
or centrifugation at 100000G (lipids will float on top).
Good luck,
Arnoud Kal.

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