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Tue May 30 14:48:07 EST 1995

Dennis Goode (GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU) wrote:
: Dear Toukie,

: I believe the toxin ricin acts this way and can be coupled to 
: antibodies to target specific cell types. It is extremely toxic, 
: killing cells at very low molecules/cell ratios.

: Dennis Goode

Ricin is a dimeric protein lectin, is cytototoxic and acts by 
inhibition of protein synthesis.  It binds to its cell surface 
receptor, gets internalized into the trans-Golgi network or to
the Golgi where it translocates into the cytosol where it interrupts
protein synthesis by modifiying one of the ribosomal RNA subunits.

There are bacterial products consisting of small proteins which bind
to the cell membrane and punch a hole in it.  I can not remember what
they are off the top of my head.  Also phospholipase-C causes 
disruption of the surface membrane as measured by trypan blue 
and light microscopy.  



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