Protein adsorption

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Wed May 31 00:09:28 EST 1995

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> In our lab we have had a continiung problem with peptides adsorbing to glass-
> ware.  Suggestions to overcome have included washing the containers with a 
> surfactant, adding a competing protein (eg 2% BSA), or working at  
> (higher) concentrations where losses that do occur are negligible.
> None of these suggestions however are satisfactory for the system we are 
> using.
> Could anyone help us with other suggestions?
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   One suggestion I have come across in the literature is to siliconize
all glassware (something like Sigmacote from Sigma Chemicals; St. Louis
USA).  This seemed to work for my protein, although I never checked the
loss of protein compared to non-siliconized glassware.

   Roy Kimura
   Dept. of Chemical Engineering
   Northwestern University

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