Programs for schematic drawings of proteins?

Rob Miller rmiller at
Wed May 31 16:20:51 EST 1995

Geier Gerhard (b049 at wrote:
: In article <3goein$e5i at>, szia at says...
: >
: >I am looking for programs that can draw schematic drawings of protein 
: >structures. I am interested in the following two types of drawings:
: >
: >        (1) schematic representation of the [main chain] hydrogen bonding 
: >pattern (based on known 3D structure)
: >
: >        (2) schematic representation of the domain structure and 
: >disulfide bonding pattern, using a chain of several circles, each circle 
: >representing a residue, and the type of the residue written in the 
: >circle. This chain of circles is folded in 2D to approximately represent 
: >the domain structure and the disulfide bonding pattern.
: >
: >Such drawings often appear in journals but I don't know any program that 
: >can easily draw such things. (As to the hydrogen bonding pattern, I heard 
: >of a program called HERA but I have no idea how to get it.)
: >
: >Anyone can help?
: >
: >Andras Szilagyi (szia at
: >Institute of Enzymology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
: >

: If you have found a program who is able to draw that, pleas sent me seh name 
: of the program and the name of the server
: Thanks in forward
: Gerhard Geier

I think Gail Hutchinson's PROMOTIF is what you are interested in.  It is 
available by anonymous ftp on, but you will need to sign 
a confidentiality agreement.  See pages on it and our other bioinformatics
software at


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