gel shift using hot protein as a probe?

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Wed May 31 15:11:43 EST 1995

On 30 May 1995, Aron B. Jaffe wrote:

> I would like to look at protein-protein interactions on a non-
> denaturing gel using an 35S-labeled protein as my probe.  Can I
> do this?  Does anyone know of a reference?
> thanks
> aron> 

Surely, if you have the specific mRNA for the protein that you want to 
label you could simply do in vitro translation (using 35S-met), purify 
the protein of your interest and use it as the probe. However, labeling 
the pure protein with 125I may be a better and easier alternative. 
Iodination protocols can be had from any protein protocol book or from 
the Meth. Enzymol. volumes. Protein-protein crosslinking is achieved by 
uv-irradiation, and this needs to be standardized for each system and the 
protein pairs. 

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