Protein adsorption

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Wed May 31 18:16:51 EST 1995

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>In our lab we have had a continiung problem with peptides adsorbing to glass-
>ware.  Suggestions to overcome have included washing the containers with a 
>surfactant, adding a competing protein (eg 2% BSA), or working at  
>(higher) concentrations where losses that do occur are negligible.

We had a similar problem with a particularly hydrophobic protein which stuck 
not to glassware but to plasticware (including ultrafiltration units and 
PD-10 gel filtration columns, which made it a curse to purify). We solved the 
problem by pretreating everything overnight with 5% Tween-20, then washing 
thoroughly with water. That's probably not applicable to glassware, but in 
view of one other reply to this posting ("use plastic glassware?") maybe not 

Good luck with a sticky problem

Michael Kertesz
Zurich, Switzerland

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