S. japonicum GST Antibody/serum

Stuart Kuhstoss sk at lilly.com
Fri Nov 3 15:03:30 EST 1995

In Article <477mkg$r1 at mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>, pdezoysa at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk (Dr.
P.A. de Zoysa) wrote:
>I would like to obtain some S. japonicum GST antibody/serum for detecting some
fusion proteins that I am planning on making.  I know that Pharmacia already
sell this as a part of a kit (most of which is of no use to me).  So if
anybody out there has spare antibody I would greatly appreciate some.
Alternatively if anyone of you netters knows of a commercial outlet that
sells the antibody separately please let me know. 
>Priyal de Zoysa.

Santa Cruz Biotech sells anti GST antibodies.  We've been using them on and
off for some time, and they seem fine.

Stu Kuhstoss

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