Detection of protein in acrylamide

Sat Nov 4 13:58:15 EST 1995

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Stefan Bdckstrvm <stefanba at> wrote:
>Is it possible (somehow) to detect a specific protein with ab in an
>acrylamide gel without having to blot it to a membrane first ?
>Maby by drying the gel, making it porous or something (I don't know,
>that's why I'm asking..)

Actually, I believe this technique pre-dates Western blotting.  In an old
laboratory manual, I found a reference for doing so:

	K. Burridge (1978) Methods in  Enzymology 50:54-64.

Be forewarned: the washes in this procedure take two days!

			Nick Theodorakis
			ntheo at
			Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

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