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> We have a protein which is destabilised by a small molecule.  The effect
> saturates at low mM concentrations.  The argument in the lab is whether it
> is non-specific or specific.  I measured a series of inactivation rates at
> different inactivator concentrations.  The data were fitted to a
> non-linear form of the Hill Eqn..  This gave a good fit with a Hill
> coefficient of 1.02. at a Kd of ~.8mM.  Also the residuals looked random.
> However, I am a novice at using the Hill Equn.
> My question is as follows:  Is there any other reasonable interpretation
> of the good fit and Hill coefficient of 1, than a specific single binding
> site (or identical sites)?  In particular, could it plausibly be
> non-specific binding?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Tony Day

Can you get/synthesize a radioactive analog of your ligand?

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