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Hi. I tried to mail my reply directly, but i got it back: user
unknown. Please check your email address!

On 7 Nov 1995 23:44:35 -0800, you wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can book IPP (inositol pentaphosphate) or IHP (inositol
>hexaphosphate)? I am from China. Or maybe you are just using it and could kindly
>share me some. 1 gram is enough.

>Songlin Li.

Hi Songlin!

IP6 (phytic acid, if you mean meso-inositol-hexakisphosphate) should
be avialble from a lot of common suppliers: 
Fluka (fax +49 731 973-3160 in Germany) is selling 50ml of 40% in
water soln. for approx 18 US$
I found a number in Japan from them, too: Phone is +81-3-5640-8860
(SAF Japan, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103)

Sigma is selling the stuff as a 90% solid. 5gms are about 50US$. They
have various metal salts: Ca, Ba -100x more expensive, Mg2K4, Mg/K,
K2, K, Na10

Sigma/Aldrich have a URL: http://www.sigma.sial.com

If you want, I will forward your inquiry to Sigma or Fluka in Germany.
Mail me if you like.

IP is probably sold by calbiochem, but I'm not sure at all - somebody
has 'thefted' their catalogue from my desk.  If you can't get any
source, please mail and I`ll have a look again. 

You also might try to post your request to: alt.drugs.chemistry,
bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts, de.sci.chemie, fido.ger.chemie,
fj.sci.bio, fr.bio.biomol, sci.chem, sci.bio, sci.engr.chem,
sci.bio.technology, zer.z-netz.wissenschaft.chemie

have a niced day! 

>lisl at iris.lsc.pku.edu.cn

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