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Wed Nov 8 16:29:30 EST 1995

ron tate <rtate at> wrote:

Hi Ron!

Suppose you are thinking of the BioRad stuff. There were some blue dye
affinity columns maybe useful for ATP binding proteins. I think that
any supplier of media (see: Sigma, Pharmacia, TosoHaas, list is not
complete) might have some affinity resins for sale. 
If you should need an address, fee free to mail.


>I hope someone can point me in the right direction, a few months back I 
>thought I was seeing an ad in some journals for a Dye Affinity 
>chromatography kit.  It had small columns with different dyes to use for 
>pilot runs in determining which dye column would be useful for purifiing 
>your favorite protein.  Now I am interested in it and cannot find it 
>anywhere.  Was I just dreaming? 

>Thanks in advance
>ron tate

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