ultrafiltration to v. small volume

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Mon Nov 13 21:40:36 EST 1995

lgb at ibcp.fr (lgb at ibcp.fr) wrote:
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>> I am trying to find the most efficient way of concentrating a small volume of
>> membrane protein solution containing detergent to a volume of c. 100-200 ul.
>> As the protein of interest exists in small concentration, the device used must
>> have v. low protein absorption characteristics. I cannot increase the conc. of
>> detergent ( this excludes speedvac or lyophilisation?).
>> Does anyone know whether there are available ultrafiltration devices (10,000-
>> 30,000 MW cutoff) for such small volumes? Or perhaps there is some other way
>> of solving this problem. Many thanks, Andre.
>I suggest you to try the ultrafiltration series sold by Amicon. You can
>concentrate your sample by Centriprep (from 15 ml to 0.5 ml), Centricon (2
>ml to  25-50 ul) or Microcon (0.5 ml to 10 ul). You can concentrate your
>sample and completely recover your protein. I routinely use these devices
>to concentrate both soluble and memebrane proteins. But be very careful to
>choose the MWCO, esp. when you work on membrane proteins. The detergent
>micelle should be taken into account when you choose the membrane MWCO.
>Good luck.
>M. Dong
>lgb at ibcp.fr
Millipore also offers the ultrafree spin tubes with those cutoffs....The ultrafree MC's have starting vol's
of around 400ul....they also have some new concentrator for starting vol's of up to 15ml...my
roommate just started using them and says you don't have to stop and decant...sounds easier than
amican centriprep....maybe worth a try....

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