Synthetic Gla-containing peptides

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>I don't know of anyone who has inserted gla into synthetic
>peptides, although it seems like this must have been done,
>but I do know someone who has experience expressing gla

>Dr. George Long
>Department of Biochemistry
>College of Medicine
>University of Vermont
>Burlington, VT 05405

Dr Peter Byfield has made synthetic Gla peptides (specifically variants of 
Factor VIIa Gla domain - Biochemistry(1994) Martin et al. 32, 13949-13955.)
He got the Fmoc-Gla from Nova biochem (nottingham UK.) and used standard 
conditions on an ABI 431A for both HOBt/DCC and HOBt/HBTU activation chemistry.
He can be contacted at:
Dr. P.G.H. Byfield
Haemostasis Research Group
MRC Clinical Sciences Centre
Royal Postgraduate Medical School
London W12 0NN UK
Fax: +44 (0)181 259 8319
I don't have his lab phone number ( I used to work in the same group so never 
noted it)

David Martin

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