Peter Herman herman at
Mon Nov 13 09:28:27 EST 1995


Molecular biology of the melanocortin receptors

My laboratory is involved in the study of the melanocortin receptors. We
were among the first ones to clone these receptors and are now
characterising them as to their distribution, pharmacology and
structure-function relationship. 

In order to determine the precise function of melanocortin receptors,
studies are now planned to (i) characterise their promoter sequences
particularly by studying the expression of reporter genes in mouse embryos
and (ii) generate knock-out mouse. We are looking for a post-doctoral
fellow begining early 1996 to participate in these projects. Experience in
recombinant DNA techniques is required. Experience with promoter sequence
analysis and transgenics is highly desirable. 

If interested please send CV before December 20, 1995 to 
Dr. Vijay Chhajlani,
Department of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology,
Biomedical Centre, Box 591
Uppsala 751 24 Sweden

Tel:		+46 18 174930/174103
Fax:		+46 18 501920
e mail	VIJAY at BMC.UU.SE


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