Postdoc position in San Diego or San Francisco?

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Wed Nov 29 06:06:19 EST 1995

Dear Scientists,

I will visit San Diego 16 to 19 of December and San Francisco 20 to 22 of
December and I am interested to visit scientific groups working with
cellbiology during this time.  My graduate studies will be finished in May
1996 and I am planning to do my postdoc in USA. During my graduate studies
I have been working with a lectin from a parasitic fungus.I have been
working with several techniques to characterize and study the function(s)
of this protein and its isoforms including common biochemical techniques
(HPLC, elfores, ES-MS and MALDI), localization of the protein (immunogold
electron microscopy and immunofluorescense using common and confocal laser
scanning microscopy), structures of the protein in vitro (EM; negativ
staining), cloning of the corresponding gene and studying the
developmentally and metabolicaly regulation of the protein as well as
studying the binding specificities of the lectin in detail.
I will apply for postdoc grant´s during this spring and I am therefore
interested to meet and discuss possible applications with scientific
working with cellbiology.  

Best Regards

Stefan Rosén

Department of Microbial Ecology
University of Lund
Ecology Building
S-223 62  LUND

Telephone   + 46  - 46   222 37 58
FAX         + 46  - 46   222 41 58
E-mail   Stefan.Rosen at

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