Peptide Synthesis

Ranabir Sinharoy sinharoy at
Mon Sep 4 16:42:10 EST 1995

"George A. Heavner" <user at> writes:

>The simple answer to your question is Yes, you can synthesize peptide in both directions.  From your posting it is obvious that you are totally unfamiliar with peptide synthesis.  You might want to learn a little about peptide chemistry and then rephrase your question to get some meaningful information.

>George A. Heavner
>Senior Director, Peptide R&D
>Centocor, Inc.

Could you provide a reference for N to C peptide synthesis? Apart from 
in vitro translation, I was under the impression that N to C synthesis 
suffers from extensive racemization due to azlactone formation.

Ranabir Sinha Roy
Graduate Student

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