Books on Peptide Synthesis

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Thu Sep 7 12:55:05 EST 1995

> lhom at nature.Berkeley.EDU (Louis Hom) wrote:
> >Can someone recommend a good introductory book on peptide synthesis?  It
> >looks like there is a long history of books by Miklos Bodanszky(?) in our
> >library.  Has anyone had experience with his writing? 
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A good introductory book on peptide synthesis is Stewart and Young's
"Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis".  It's available from Pierce.  Bodansky's
books are invaluable to the peptide scientist, but may contain more 
detail than you are interested in.  He did come outwith a small 
paperback about 3 years ago which is more of an overview of peptide 
synthesis.  I believe it's called something like "Peptide Chemistry".  

Hope this helps.
Pat Cash

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