Peptide Synthesis

George A. Heavner gheavner at
Tue Sep 5 14:48:20 EST 1995

One reference to N to C solid phase peptide synthesis is:

A Novel Method of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, R.P. Sharma, D.A.
Jones,D.L. Corina and M. Akhtar in Proceedings of the Thirteenth
American Peptide Symposium, pp 127-129,R.S. Hodges and J.A. Smith,
Eds. ESCOM, Leiden, 1994.

Some of the earlier work in this area was done in the 60s by
Robert Letsinger. The problems with this approach is attachment to
the resin, activation of the resin-bound carboxyl group and forcing
the reaction to completion.  With carboxylate activation, you cannot
use an excess of the activated agent.  If amino group activation
becomes practical, and some work has been done in this area, then
the N to C solid phase method could be competitive with C to N

George A. Heavner

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