Help with CD data analysis.

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Mon Sep 11 13:20:53 EST 1995

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> Hi,
> I have just made my first tentative steps into the world of circular
dichroism and I am now 
> looking for any information on interpreting those squiggly lines!! Does
anyone know of any 
> article or review or basic introduction to the interpretation of CD
data? What are the 
> significant wavelengths for both proteins and RNA? I am investigating an
RNA-binding protein 
> and looking for changes on binding in both the protein and the RNA.
> Any help appreciated. Thanks.
> Nigel
> njh at

The generic answer to that question is look in any basic protein textbook
and you can find that info.  As a followup to that, does anybody know of
any software to deconvolute CD spectra to get percent helix and sheet?



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