Help for a rookie? (peptide sequences)

Mark Haythorn MHAYTHOR at
Wed Sep 13 19:51:08 EST 1995

I am not a protein chemist, I'm an information person..

I've looked at a number of Internet sequence systems (Swiss-Prot,
Prosite, Molecules R Us, etc.) but still  have a problem.

I've been given a 5-amino acid sequence and need to make a
3-dimensional picture of it.  Suppose I had Phe-Ala-Glu-Val-Tyr; what
would it look like in 3-D?  What if I added a hydroxly group or a
Fluorine to one of the amino acids?  What would it do?

Anyone know of any PC (Windows?) or Internet services that can do this
for me?  I just got RasWin so I can view *.PDB files.

Swiss-Prot, Prosite, etc, seem to either tell me that the sequence is
too short or it returns a list of hundreds and hundreds of proteins.

Anyone know of a drawing program that will allow to to draw a peptide
by clicking in an amino-acid name and having the structure appear on
the screen?

Forgive my lack of expertise, but any info would be much appreciated!!

Mark Haythorn

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