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Fri Sep 15 02:11:19 EST 1995

University of Washington Employment Opportunity


Department: Biological Structure

Description of Research Project:  
1.  To generate mutations in the coding sequence of a recombinant protein 
    expressed in bacteria.
2.  To isolate the recombinant, mutated protein by chromatography.
3.  To compare the biological activities of the mutated protein to the 
    activities of the wild-type recombinant protein.  Biophysical assays 
    will include circular dichroism and ultraviolet fluorescence emission 
    spectroscopies.  Biological assays will include assays of endothelial 
    and glomerular mesangial cell behavior.

Background of Research Project:  
    The wild-type protein has been successfully expressed in bacteria as 
a biologically active protein.  The system has already yielded milligram 
amounts of the protein from 1, 10, and 100 liter bacterial cultures. The 
protein is believed to play a key role in the control of endothelial cell 
behavior (with respect to angiogensis) and of mesangial cell behavior 
(with respect to the resolution of glomerulonephritis).

    This is an outstanding opportunity for a qualified individual 
to join a multidisciplinary research group at a top research 
medical center.  Sufficient resources are available for the qualified 
candidate to acquire state-of-the-art skills in protein chemistry.   The 
candidate will be encouraged to apply for extramural funding.

Requirements of Position:

    Ph.D. in molecular/cellular biology or biochemistry.  Hands-on research 
experience in polymerase chain reaction, restriction enzymes, plasmid 
manipulations, bacterial transformation, and DNA sequencing.
    Computer literacy is essential.

Salary and length of support are negotiable.

To apply, send a resume and letter describing relevant experience

James Bassuk, PhD
Biological Structure, Box 357420
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195

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