Q:Algorithm for protein hydrophobicity

Mr YC Yap eln118w at lindblat.cc.monash.edu.au
Wed Sep 20 20:05:16 EST 1995

Hi there,

I'm developing a program for protein folding. One of the
factors considered is the interaction between the side-chain
and solvent (hydrophobicity). I'm using a simplified protein
model consisting of only C-alpha atoms and a single sphere 
to represent each sidechain. The algorithm I'm using to handle
this hydrophobicity is from M.Levitt,1976. 

Is there anyone out there with a newer/more accurate/better
algorithm to handle hydrophobicity that can be applicable
to my simplified model?

Any suggestions/hints  are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Alexander Yap.
Biomolecular Electronics,
Dept. Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering,
Monash University (Caulfield Campus),
Victoria, Australia.

Email : alexyap at acslink.net.au
WWW   : http://www.peg.apc.org/~alexyap

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