2-D Dilemma

Dave Campbell dave_campbell at DNAX.ORG
Wed Sep 20 18:22:01 EST 1995

We are running IEF-SDS PAGE 2-dimensional gels on various human and murine
cell types, and would like to identify some of the "spots" that we perceive
via autoradiography or staining.  To this end we are looking for a database
that lists proteins along with their molecular weight and Isoelectric point. 
I would prefer a downloadable database that contained this information, but at
least a database that could be queried using these criteria.  Some weeks ago a
person was inquiring about an E-Coli 2D database and was directed to the
Swiss-Protein web site.  On my first attempt to interface with this resource I
was unable to obtain the information that I was seeking, but certainly may not
have gone about it in the proper fashion.  Does anybody know of a downloadable
database that  contains MW and IEpoint data?  Or if Swiss-Prot is truly my
best bet, is there anywhere I can get information on how to query it more

Thanks for your help,

David Campbell

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