Adaptors for Proteases

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>Has anyone here heard of a case where an adaptor molecule helps a protease
>find (well, bind) its substrate? 
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Sort of...

"The Alkylation of The Active Site of Trypsin with Iodoacetamide in the
Presence of Alkylguanidines" JBC 1965, 240(8), PC3453

and two follow up articles...

Biochemistry 1968, 7(11), 4045
JBC 1969, 244(5), 1176

I'm sure there are more recent examples but this series is what springs to
mind.  I can think of an example or two of exogenous molecules rescuing
catalytic function to mutant proteases (replacing a removed sidechain) if you
are interested, but that's somewhat different.

Hope this is of help.

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