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Peter Danevicius pdanev at idirect.com
Sat Sep 23 09:27:48 EST 1995

Alan Gamble <74443.2760 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>A leading biotech firm in the Boston area is deperately seeking a 
>qualified team leader to develop, implement and Mac based 4D 
>databases in house. Must have 4D and 4D Server experience, 
>Undergraduate degree or equivalent work experience.

>Do not Email back on this, rather call Elaine at 617.367.9200, or 
>fax a resume to her at 617.367.4906.

>Elaine Palome

>We have a materials property and supplier database on a 
>fax-on-demand link. Feel free to call 800.370.6915 for a free 
>sample report and information.

Dear Inconsiderate Person:

The above news article was posted in the MS Access newsgroup.  Since
it has NOTHING to do with MS Access, it is considered off-topic and
therefore a violation of netiquette.

Kindly refrain from doing this again.

Peter :{)

Peter Danevicius   pdanev at idirect.com
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