Explanation of a tertiary structure

Minnesota Minnesota
Mon Sep 25 14:36:20 EST 1995

Hi experts, 

	My professor asked  to describe a tertiary structure of a protein
and the role of  weak interactions contributing to the tertiary structure
of a protein.

How can you answer the question  without mentioning the phrase "secondary structure."

I can define each kind of weak interactions  and how  they are involved in the 
structure of a protein.  I've even memorized, understood why too, which amino acid form 
specific kind of weak interaction.  And  yet  I  got no  credit  for my answer.

Either  I don't know  how to answer a question  or  he doesn't  know how to ask.

But anyway,  if  you have suggestion for the question I have asked above,
be generous enough to answer,  please^2.  I will call you my big brother/sister!

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