Inhibitor for nucleoside diphosphate kinase?

Tue Sep 26 08:19:25 EST 1995

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>Hi netters,

>does anybody know whether there is an specific inhibitor for nucleoside
>diphosphate kinase? (Or where to find such information.) AMPPNP and
>GMPPNP are unsuitable for my experiments (I even don't know if they
>can inhibit nucleoside diphosphate kinase at all).

>Thanks a lot,

Dear Cornelius,

As far as I know there are no comercially available specific inhibitors for 
NDP-kinase. There are of course several ways of blocking the action of NDP-
kinase, but none of these are very specific (with the exception of the use 
of neutralizing antibodies). Lowering the pH below 5 will reduce the 
activity dramatically, addition of a 10 to 100 fold excess of nucleoside 
diphosphate over triphosphate will result in the formation of a dead end 
complex. And recently it was described that cAMP binds in a competetive way 
in the active site (Strelkov et al, JMB 249; 665 (1995)). Other 
possibilities are the removal of bivalent cations, or Mg to be more specific.
Thus there are plenty of possibilities, but since you didn't mention very 
much about what you want to do, it remains hard to suggest the best 


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