Phosphorylation of specific amino acid residues

Andreas Strecker strecker at
Thu Sep 28 16:42:38 EST 1995

In article <43ma2m$k3g at>,
   Michael Daws <Michael.Daws at> wrote:
>I have a peptide, that I am using to fish for associated proteins.  I 
>would like to be able to phosphorylate this peptide on specific residues 
>- primarily tyrosine residues, but also serine/threonine residues - to 
>see if I can pull down a different set of associated proteins.  Does
>anybody know if this is possible without having the natural kinase, and
>if so how would I go about it?
Dear Michael!

Of course this is possible - tghere are all sorts of kinases for sale. They 
only require the right sequence surrounding (consensus sequence) for specific 
phosphorylation. There once was a "Methods in enzymology" double volume 
(200/201) dealing with protein phosphorylation, but there is lots of other 
sources with protocols around.

Good luck!


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