which good anti-mouse IgG light and heavy chain antibody?

Regina Shaw regina at biotech.ufl.edu
Thu Sep 28 15:19:51 EST 1995

Dear all,
I have cloned some mouse light and heavy chain fragments into an
expression vector. We have verified that the gene is in-frame, but the
level of expression may be too low to see on a Coomassie-stained gel, so I
would like to do Western blotting and stain with a alkaline-phosphatase
anti-mouse IgG antibody that recognizes both light and heavy chain. I do
have a Sigma goat anti-mouse IgG Fab (AP) secondary antibody which stains
only the light chain fragment though. Does anybody know of a good
secondary antibody that stains both LC and HC? I would welcome all
suggestions. Thank you! Regina

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