Refolding a GST-fusion-protein --- Help needed!

Ning Zheng nzheng at el
Fri Sep 29 15:56:12 EST 1995

Dear Wulf:

I have never worked on GST-fusion-proteins but you might be interested in 
the following article:

"Solubilization and Purification of Enzymatically Active Glutathione 
S-Transferase (pGEX) Fusion Proteins"
John V. Frangioni and Benjamin G. Neel. 
Analystical Biochemistry 210, 179-187 (1993)

Basically, the authors have developed a protocol to purify insoluble GST 
fusion proteins using sarkosyl. I read this when I had problem with my 
His-tagged protein in inclusion bodies.

Gook Luck!


Wulf Blankenfeldt (wub at wrote:
: Dear all,

: we are currently working on a GST-fusion-protein using the pGEX-2T
(stuff deleted)

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