staining of phosphoproteins

Jens Krieger krieger at
Thu Feb 1 11:17:14 EST 1996

Im working on the major yolk proteins of two european freshwater teleosts.
One method is SDS-gelelektrophoresis. So I now that one of the major yolk 
proteins is a highly phosphorylated protein named phosvitin. To stain it 
on the acrylamidgels, I cnat use coomassie, because it wont stain 
phosphoproteins. So I use the method of Cutting and Roth (1973), staining 
them with methylgreen. But....I doesnt work anyway.

Is there anyone "outside" who will know a recipe for staining 
phosphoproteins on acrylamidgels, or could give me any hint?

Thanks in advance,
			Jens Krieger.

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